It’s very simple. As you can see from the sample Photeo, each Photeo consists of the following:


    1. a 2-4 second opening with music or a sound effect of your choice


    1. 5-6 photos with your written message turned into a voice over narration with a male or female narrator — your choice


    1. 3-4 seconds featuring a picture of you, your book, product, or service and a link to obtain it


    1. 4-5 seconds featuring an image of your contact information along with voice-over narration.


    1. 4-8 seconds of your contact information with the music or sound effect of your choice.


The whole thing is about 30-35 seconds.

My Photeo


A Photo Montage with a message from you. You can use your own photos or browse a wide array of photos we provide for you and we can write your message for you as well.

You can write your MyPhoteo message text on the check out page.

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Additional information

My Photeo Options

I have my own images, I want to browse images, Please choose for me with my input

My Message Options

I will write my narration, Help me write it!

My Audio Options

I have my own audio, I would like to browse for audio, Please choose for me with my input