My PromeO

How It Works

Thank You for the Necklace

This is an example of a promeo used as a thank you for a gift.

Get Well After Your Accident

This is an example of a promeo used to wish a family member, friend, or associate a speedy recovery.

Hope to See You Soon

This is an example of a promeo featuring a lighthearted message from a guy who hopes to see a girl again.

Congratulations for Your Achievement

An example of a Promeo to congratulate a business associate for their achievement.

What’s Your Dog Type

This is an example of a promeo used as a promotion for a book series

The Rubadubdub Experience

This is an example of a promeo used to promote a light-hearted party game

Hair Stylist Promeo

This is an example of a promeo for a hair styling  business

The Games and Toys Connection

An example of a Promeo to promote a game designer

It’s very simple.  As you can see from the sample Promeos, each promeo consists of the following:

A 2-4 second opening with music or a sound effect of your choice

15-25 second video clip with your written message turned into a voice-over narration with your choice of male or female narrator

3-4 seconds featuring a picture of you, your book, product, or service and a link to obtain it

8-10 seconds featuring 1 or 2 images of your contact information with the music or sound effect of your choice

 The whole thing is about 30-35 seconds. You provide us with the following, and we make your promeo:

A video clip selected from our video clip service; you can search by your subject, then send us the number of that video so we can obtain it.

Or provide your own video.

An audio clip or sound effect for the beginning and the end selected from our audio service.


A written message of 250-400 characters we can turn into a voice-over narration.

Or provide your own spoken narration of 15-25 seconds.

A photo or line or two about you, your product, or company with a link to your landing page or website.

A write-up of your contact information.

Just indicate the above information during checkout. Then, one of our Promeo staffers and video team will do the rest.

You will receive your Promeo within 3 days of your order. Then, use it for whatever you want — from a greeting to others to a promo for yourself, your company, or your product or service.

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