My Posteo

1-3 short video clips or photos with animated text graphics and music

What Type of Dog Are You?

The Venture Capitalist connection

Time to Celebrate

The Games & Toys Connection

As you can see from the samples, each Posteo consists of:

An opening with music or a sound effect of your choice

1-3 video clips or photos featuring a picture of you, your book, product, or service and a link to obtain it

a few seconds featuring your contact information with the music or sound effect of your choice

 You provide us with the following, and we make your Posteo:

Your own video clips or photos, or  select from our service; you can search by your subject, then send us the number of that photo so we can obtain it.

An audio clip or sound effect for the beginning and the end selected from our audio service.

A graphic or written text about you, your product, or company with a link to your landing page or website.

Just indicate the above information during checkout. Then, one of our staffers  will do the rest.

You will receive your Posteo within 3 days of your order. Then, use it for whatever you want — from a greeting to others to a promo for yourself, your company, or your product or service.

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