My Grameo

a unique type of Promeo made from an animated gif turned into a video

As you can see from the samples, each Grameo consists of the following:

a 10-30 second video, based on the number of seconds per page

1-10 photos with one or two per page

copy for each page

a musical background

 You provide us with the following, and we make your Grameo:

Your choice of an animated gif background selected from our account, or let us select a background for you

Your choice of a musical background from our account or let us select the music for you


A written message of 300-420 characters, which we can turn into text on the different pages of your grameo.  Or, we can write the message for you.

A photo of you, your company, product, and logo.  Or let us select the photos for you from our account.

A write-up of your links and contact information

Prices range from $100 for a 1-2 page Grameo with 2-3 photos to $400 for a longer Grameo with more photos.

Just fill in the details during checkout and one of our staffers and video team will do the rest.

You will receive your grameo within 3 days of your order. Then, use it for whatever you want — from a greeting for others to a promo for yourself, your company, product or service.


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