My Filmeo

A 60-120 second script or film trailer

What Type of Dog Are You?

Clearwater: A Taboo Relationship Between Choir Director & Student (Script)

What Type of Dog Are You?

Pegasus & the Unicorn (Children’s Book)

Deadly Deposit (Film)

Bad Relationships (Film)

In Dante’s Footsteps (Book)

It’s very simple. As you can see from the sample, each Filmeo consists of:

A 2-4 second opening with music or a sound effect of your choice

5-6 photos with your synopsis turned into a voice-over narration with your choice of male or female narrator

A picture of you, your book, product, or service and a link to obtain it

8-10 seconds featuring  images of your contact information 

You provide us with the following, and we make your Filmeo:

You provide your own photos or, alternatively, choose photos selected from our photo service.


Your own audio clip for the beginning and end, or choose one from our audio service.


A written message of 250-400 characters we can turn into a voice-over narration.

Or provide your own spoken narration of 15-25 seconds.

A photo or line or two about you, your book or film with  links and contact information

It’s currently $150 per Filmeo, unless you are responding to a special offer with a promotional code

Just indicate the above information during checkout. Then, one of our staffers and video team will do the rest.

You will receive your Filmeo within 3 days of your order. 

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