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10 Biggest Mistakes Writers Make Presenteo

10 Keys for a Successful Video Campaign Presenteo

Good Boss Becomes a Monster Discusseo

10 Ways to Get Inspired Presenteo

10 Ways to Analyze Your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

The 10 Biggest Mistakes Writers Make in Publishing Their First Book

It’s very simple.  As you can see from the samples, each Presenteo and Discusseo consists of the following:

A 2-4 second opening with music or a sound effect of your choice

A PowerPoint presentation turned into a video with your written message turned into voice-over narration with your choice of a male or female narrator.


3-4 seconds featuring a picture of you, your book, product, or service and a link to obtain it
4-5 seconds featuring an image of your contact information along with voice-over narration.
4-8 seconds of your contact information with the music or sound effect of your choice.

 The whole thing is about 2-8 minutes. You provide us with the following, and we make your Presenteo/Discusseo:

A PowerPoint presentation or video made from PowerPoint.

An audio clip or sound effect for the beginning and the end selected from our audio service.

Or provide your own audio.


The text in your PowerPoint or written copy we will turn into your narration based on the length of your PowerPoint. Figure on about 750 words a minute.

Or provide your own spoken narration to accompany each slide in your PowerPoint.

A photo of you,  your product, or company logo with a link to your landing page or website, if not already in the presentation.

A write-up of your contact information, if not already in the PowerPoint presentation.

It’s currently $150 for a Presenteo or $200 for a Discusseo, unless you are responding to a special offer with a promotional code

Just indicate the above information during checkout. Then, one of our staffers and video team will do the rest.

You will receive your Presenteo or Discusseo within 3 days of your order. Then, use it for whatever you want — from a presentation or seminar,  to a promo for yourself, your company, or your product or service.

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